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BEBRAS Computational Thinking

Start Time
End Time
1:20 Hour
Basic digital skills, Computational Thinking

Algorithmic and computational thinking courses based on the BEBRAS competition.

Bebras is an international student competition aimed at promoting Computational Thinking among students in a way that enhances students' skills beyond science and math and upgrades their analytical and algorithmic problem-solving skills.

In Cyprus, it is annually organized by the Cyprus Computer Society in collaboration with the Association of ICT Teachers, under the auspices of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth and with the support of organizations.

Through Bebras Cyprus website students will have a first contact with Algorithmic & Computational Thinking development problems. 


Duration: 2 periods, 80 minutes


• One device (tablet or computer) per student attending

• One Computer connected to a projector. The zoom application must be installed on this computer

• All devices must be connected to the internet

• Web browser (browser): Google Chrome or Internet Explorer

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