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Space technologies

Start Date
20/01/2022 12:30
End Date
20/01/2022 14:30
1:20 Hour
Space Technologies

Interactive presentation aimed at informing and educating students about the field of Space Remote Sensing and Observation technologies.

The Astro Pi is a device located on the International Space Station. The Astro Pi labs will use online software ( that simulates all the functions of the Astro Pi. Through this software students will create their own algorithms, using the Python programming language, to send a message to the astronauts and to create a program that shows the exact location of the station as well as the temperature and humidity inside the station. 


Duration: 2 periods, 80 minutes


• One device (tablet or computer) per student attending

• One Computer connected to a projector. The zoom application must be installed on this computer

• All devices must be connected to the internet

• Web browser: Google Chrome or Internet Explorer

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